Saturday, June 28, 2008

Exchange Sent & Received

I received a wonderful LHN Pinkeep Exchange (HOE) from Marion ~ She stitched a portion of Schoolgirl Lessons, in one of my favorite What a wonderful job you did Marion; I love it. She also included some threads for my stash. Thank you so much Marion, I truly appreciate it.

Designer: Little House Needlework
Design: Schoolgirl Lessons
Finish: Pinkeep
Stitched by: Marion

And here is the LHN Pinkeep exchange that I stitched for Sharon...

Designer: LHN
Design: Attic Needlework
Fabric: 32 count Linen
Threads: Victorian Motto, WDW
Finish: Stitcher's Caddy

Hooked On Exchanges: LHN Pinkeep Exchange

Joan let me know that she received my Patriotic Exchange, here is what I stitched...

Designer: Birds of a Feather
Design: Liberty
Fabric: 28ct Lugana
Thread: WDW
Finish: Pinkeep

Patriotic Exchange for Joan

Well, I placed yet another order with Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I really do love the colors that are offered. When I saw the shades of pumpkin I knew I needed to click my favorite button: "buy now" ~ I must say Nancy is one of my favorite online shop owners. She ships faster than lightening and is as nice as can be. Thanks Nancy for always making my shopping experience enjoyable.

Just take a look at my latest purchase...

I got some very informative comments on my For the Birds Post ~ I am especially impressed with Jennifer's knowledge of Birds, not only did she know that the bird in question was a Red Bellied Woodpecker she told me that it is a male:

"see how the red feathers go all the way down to his beak? With a female, the red coloring stops around the eyes."

She so kindly shared this helpful info: (thanks Jennifer!)

"If you can find a Wild Birds Unlimited near you, they have lots of information and bird feeding supplies and can help you not only get a few feeders set up, but deal with pests like squirrels as well. Ask about the Yankee Flipper - the feeder is pressure sensitive and will actually gently flip squirrels off it by spinning. (The video in the store is HILARIOUS!) You can also buy No Mess Seed. It's a little more expensive than regular seed, but you don't have any shells."

Thanks again for the information, tips and comments that you all shared. I purchased another feeder and have captured some "interesting" pictures that I will post at a later date. There is a special picture that I snapped just for Rob, Michelle's husband. :)

Freebie "Bird" design from Designs From Pamela

Until next time...


Ruth said...

My heavens, where have I been. You've been a very busy blogger, mailer, and stitcher! And you've excelled at all of them!!!!!

Good luck with the anti-squirrel campaign. I remember fondly a British documentary on attempts to squirrel proof feeders. It was hysterical.... and ineffective.

CraftyT said...

Oh my what lovley stitching. I love the KHN in green,also my favorite color. It is such a wonderful color.

Your stitchers case is VERY beautiful,great job.

We use to have a finch feeder up on the yard,but I keep noticing that all the seeds would be gone in a day,till the one morning I saw a squirrel hanging upsiade down from it LOL.....
Take Care and Happy Stitching

Cathy B said...

Lots of wonderful stitching here! The patriotic exchange you sent to Joan was terrific, but then of course, I am a huge fan of BOAF. I also love the little project caddy that you made for Sharon - beautiful! You received a very nice pinkeep from Marion.

So what will you be working on next?

staci said...

Gorgeous exchanges Marie! Where did you get those fabulous thread rings???

Stephanie said...

Lovely exchanges, looks like you have been busy! Marion sent you a very nice pinkeep.

Michelle said...

Your stitching is phenomenal!! I think these are some of my favorites you have shared with us.

Rob and I can't wait to see what photo you snapped!!

Have a wonderful holiday.. and keep stitching!


Liz said...

Beautiful finishes and exchanges.

I also just ordered more floss from Nancy...her new blue and green shades.

I'd also like to know where you got those fabulous thread rings.

stitchhappy said...

I have to tell you, I never get tired of admiring the fabulous stitcher's caddy you made for me. I will treasure it always! Thanking you once again for this beautiful and generous gift!
Sharon M

Sonda in OR said...

It's funny...I have not seen any squirrels at our feeders. I guess it doesn't mean they aren't there, though. I've seen the video that Jennifer IS hilarious.

On the stitching front, you've obviously been VERY busy. Everything looks lovely!!

Julie said...

I really love your bird feeder/wildlife pictures and hope you'll continue to post them. I miss feeding the birds, but enjoy watching them while I'm at my parents.
Your stitcher's caddy is great! Beautiful! Oh and I just love the God Bless America piece. I began singing the song when I saw it! I'm in a patriotic place right now and am stitching several related pieces.

angelasweby said...

I really have enjoyed reading about the birds on your blog. My DH has been a birdwatcher nearly all his life. We moved into our new house 3 years ago and the garden has already become a theatre where the birds perform their comedies and tragedies all year round. This year the nest boxes were occupied and we have had families of birds testing out their new aviation skills.

But, I digress...haha! I really wanted to thank you for the link to the Victorian Motto Sampler Threads. It will prove to be an expensive discovery...sigh.
Best wishes and thanks.