Thursday, August 30, 2007

Redwork and Tin Topper Exchange

Oh what a day.... I was so surprised and excited when I picked up my mail and opened two exchanges!

The 1st is a beautiful Redwork Exchange that I received from Goldie.

USEBB: Redwork Exchange
Received from: Goldie

It is hard to believe that this is the very first tie-on pillow she has made. I have yet to make one, may need lessons from you Goldie!

The design is titled Alphabet Tree; by Blue Ribbon ~ I just love it! Goldie stitched this using Gloriana over dyed Cranberry Silk, simply beautiful. Thanks for personalizing it with our initials.
She also included a half yard of pretty red fabric (a quilters dream), small red buttons, "M" notepad, and DMC 115. I love working with that color. If you have not tried it I highly recommend it!

Thank you so much Goldie for the beautiful pillow and wonderful extras~ I love everything that you sent!

The second beautiful exchange was received from Becky K.

Front view - - - - - - - - - - - - Back view/inside of tin

She stitched three beautiful items:

A gorgeous Tin Topper, stitched in the most perfect shade of green (matches the walls in my family room ).

A stunning tiny FOB, stitched perfectly on such small count!

She also included a very pretty Christmas ornament. I had admired this on her blog. I love the shape of the tree.

Becky spoiled me with so many wonderful treats: Coffee (she must have read this blog), Tea, scented stones, some small round magnets that I can use when finishing a needle minder, dark chocolate Altoids-yum!

USEBB Specific Finish Exchange: Tin Topper

Deigner: Hillside Samplings

Received from: Becky K.

Thanks so much Becky K. for all that you sent. Please know that I will treasure your beautifully stitched gifts!

Village of Hawk Run Hollow SAL...

I was able to get some fabric for Village of Hawk Run Hollow and have joined in on the SAL with Kathy and Jane. Things are really busy now so this will not be a stitching marathon, we have a goal of stitching one block per month. We welcome others to join in, this is a great way to actually finish those projects! Visit our blogs where we will post pictures of our progress!

Wishing all Blog readers a very relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend~Safe travels!

Until next time...


tkdchick said...

What beautiful exchanges to receive!

BeckySC said...

OOOH, I am so happy you were so spoiled :) You deserve it :)
Enjoy all your lovely exchanges :)

Kathy said...

Very nice exchanges. I'm envious.

Glad you mentioned the SAL. I have worked on it some more. Not sure I will be able to finish a block a month with all the other stitching that I want to get done for Christmas and Design models. Will give it a shot. Should have a progress picture up on my blog this weekend. said...

You must be thrilled, such wonderful exchanges!!
Good luck on the Village, you'll have fun with that. I deleted all my WIP piccies of it, but there is one on my blog if you'ld like to check it out ( I haven't made any more progress on it. Perhaps your SAL will inspire me to pick it up again... :o)

Leena said...

Oh how beautiful exchanges, enjoy :) I know the feeling, I admire every day the gorgeous pinkeep you stitched for me :) I show it to everyone and they always love it :)

Katrina said...

Gorgeous exchanges. You are definitely spoiled :-). Don't you love it! I may have to join you all in the VoHRH, I have block one done. I'd love to be finished in a year or so.

staci said...

Beautiful exchanges! Congrats!

Barbara said...

Oh what truly beautiful exchanges!! :D

Sharon said...

Those are some stunning exchanges! Enjoy.

Michelle said...

Fabulous exchanges! Can't wait to see your VOHRH - I so want to start that one!

Cathy said...

Lovely exchange gifts from Goldie and Becky K!

Good luck with HoHRH - I've always wanted to stitch this one and will enjoy watching your progress!

Have a nice weekend!

Jen said...

Lucky you. Love all of those beautiful pieces.

Michelle said...

Wow! What beautiful exchanges. They are both amazing. Congrats on receiving such pretties!