Friday, August 10, 2007

Second and Third!

In a previous post I showed a picture of one of the Art Dolls that I had made. I mentioned that I had entered two of my other Art Dolls into a local quilt show and both received ribbons...I was shocked, really I was! I had never entered anything, not even a quilt into a show.

Well, here are those two dolls:

Fairy of the Forest

Fairy of the Forest rests on a mushroom. A Bumblebee rests on her hand, and a dragon fly is getting ready to landing on her knee.


Thumbalina is tiny, only about three inches tall! I love her hat, an acorn top.

If I had more time I would make more dolls...

So, what was I doing 20 years ago today???

I was in the Texas Woman's Hospital, holding a 9 pound~8 ounce baby boy!

Happy 2oth Birthday!!! :-)

~Time just zips by~

Until next time..


Vonna said...

Sweet, sweet dolls! Congrats!!!

Happy Birthday to your Baby Boy!
I know the time zips by... :(

Anita said...

The dolls are so exquisite and wow, congrats on all the ribbons won. You have some great exchanges too. Happy birthday to your son. My son is 4 years old now and he just loves birthdays.

staci said...

Those dolls are incredible!!! Congrats on your well-deserved ribbons :) Happy Birthday to your Baby Boy...I find my children's b-days bittersweet; so fun to celebrate how they've grown and changed, and just a twinge of longing for when they could be cradled in my arms (although I don't miss the night time feedings!)

Sharon said...

Great dolls! Congratulations on placing. Happy Birthday to your DS!

Kathy said...

Love the dolls. Congrats on your ribbons.

DaisyGirl said...

I just love the little doll with the acorn cap! It's sad how fast our children grow. My Jason will be 18 this year.

Julianne said...

Hi Marie,

Congratulations on your ribbons. I think they were well deserved. Your dolls look so detailed and beautiful.

Happy Birthday to your son. I hope you have a great time celebrating.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your "baby"!

Those dolls are so sweet-congrats on the ribbons!

Wendy said...

I love your dolls and they are certainly worthy of the ribbons. And Happy Birthday to your son!

tkdchick said...

Congratulations on your ribbons!!!!