Monday, July 14, 2008

PIF Received, Exchange Sent, New Feeder

Last week I received a package in the mail from Julie that contained a beautiful pinkeep that she stitched as a PIF gift for me. Julie, I love the LHN design that you selected and I am truly thrilled to have such a beautiful gift from you, many thanks!

I love to visit Julie’s blog; she has great music and fantastic pictures that always make me smile!

PIF Received from Julie

I completed my Make-A-Wish (MAW) Exchange for Carol. She made a request for an ornament and I jumped at the chance to stitch one for her. I am such a fan of M Design’s Word Tree Ornaments, they are so different and quite clever, and I thought that Carol would like one to add to her holiday tree.

Designer: M Design
Design: PEACE Tree

When turned on its side you can easily read "PEACE"

I have four personalized name tree designs that I ordered and need to stitch, I am hoping to get these stitched before Christmas.

My Prairie Schooler Pinkeep Exchange has found its way across the ocean and now resides with Elisabeth in France.

Prairie Schooler Book 27
Design: Nursery Rhymes

Prairie Schooler Pinkeep Exchange

As a birthday gift for Vonna, I stitched a Mary Beale Design and mounted it on a wooden plate. I do hope that you had a wonderful birthday my friend! She too has some great tunes on her blog.

Designer: Mary Beale
Design: Sampler

I cannot believe how many birds now flock to my feeders; yes, I have four feeders that I must fill daily. I thought that I found a “squirrel proof” feeder (is there such a thing?), but I was wrong….

"Watch Me...."

"Get inside..."

"This bird feeder...."

"And back out again....IT'S SO EASY"

"Sometimes there is food left for the birds!"

Just 5 more days left before I draw a name for the Gadget Give-A-Way...If you are interested go here and leave a comment.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Until next time...


staci said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous stitching Marie! I am always awed by your creativity and your flawless finishing!!!

Vonna said...

Look at all this lovely stuff here today! Julie did a beautiful PIF and your pinkeep exchange to France is GORGEOUS! And you know what I think about my beautiful plate! And I always enjoy seeing the antics of your squirrels :)

Michele said...

Wow, great pictures! Love the PIF that Julie did for you .. and your exchange was lovely! AND that plate! I'm sure Vonna loved it! How cleaver of you :)

lol .. gotta love squirrels! Thought you might enjoy this article :)

Julianne said...


The pinkeeps (received and given) are both wonderful. Wow, who would have guessed that a squirrel could actually get inside of that feeder. He certainly gets an award for his acrobatic performance.

I hope you have a good week.

Paula C. said...

That squirrel is flippin' hilarious!
Great exchanges and gifties, too! Just got back from the post office and mailed your scrubbies!

cathymk said...

What a clever squirrel!! After all that effort doesn't he deserve a little treat?

Such beautiful stitching on your blog today - everything is just gorgeous!

Hannah said...

Marie, I love, love, LOVE the plate you made for Vonna. It's gorgeous. I've never seen anything finished like that. What a great idea! Thank you for the inspiration.

Joei said...

Great pics Marie. Lovely finishes you did for exchange and gift. I'm sure Vonna will be so delighted, your gift is unique, great idea!!

Carol said...

Lovely eye candy and a brilliant squirrel all in one post! Oh I do love my ornament so much - thank you again Marie :-)

Sonda in OR said...

Your stitching is very lovely!! The squirrel is a nut!

CraftyT said...

Eveything is so pretty :) I love the color of floss you used for the peace tree,very pretty.

I say that is one clever squirrel LOL Love it :0)


Daffycat said...

Beautiful stitching and perfect finishing! I love your colors on Peace.

Maybe the squirrel will eat so much he will get too fat to fit inside?

lena-lou said...

Love the cute squirrels , I could watch them for hours :)
The PS Pinkeep you made is gorgeous as is the wonderful MB for Vonna, I like your choices :-))

Have a nice day x

Kathy said...

Oh, wow, great exchanges sent and received.

That squirrel was not going to be deterred from his mission. They are cute, but can be such pests.

Lelia said...

Luv your feeder pics!

Lennu said...

Wow, all the photos are so pretty! I just love the Prairie Schooler pinkeep! Such a beauty. The wooden plate is gorgeous too. You've done great job with Carol's Christmas ornament and what a lovely PIF you received! Oh and my daughter is watching the squirrel photos with me here and she thinks they are so cute :) We have lots of squirrels here too.