Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Woman On A Mission

I am exhausted, really I am.  I lack sleep and I hear the humming of the Bernina in my ears! I sat behind my sewing machine for hours sewing a quilt top. I wanted to make a graduation quilt for a relative using the school colors of the college that he will be attending. The problem is he did not make his final decision until the very end of April. Once the decision was made, I had to select a design and I had to do it quickly since I needed to construct the top, get it to the quilter, and get it back into my hands before the end of May. Yikes! Given the time constraint, I thought that I would do a very simple design, like a rail fence...

No, this is not what I wanted to make so I continued to look until I found the perfect pattern. Two hours into the construction of the quilt top, I knew that I made a huge mistake. It was going to take me FOREVER to complete it. Too late now, I had cut so much of the fabric there was no turning back. There were a few days that I started sewing at 11AM and continued until 2AM. It all paid off because I completed the top and dropped it off at the quilters on Monday. She promises to have it back by May 24th, which gives me ample time to apply the binding before I leave for New England at the end of the month. And what did I manage to stitch in 4-5 days???

Graduation Quilt for Connor
Pattern Design: Shimmer
Size: 67w x 86h

I have been participating in a bi-monthly Ornament Exchange and have a picture of the Ornament that I sent to my dear friend Carol S.

2010 Ornament Exchange
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design: Songs Of The Season
Stitched for: Carol S.

I hope that all of the Mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day. I talked with each of my boys on Mom's day; it would have been nicer had they been here. They sent me a great gift, a Video Conversion System. Now, I can convert my old VHS taped to DVD. Prior to moving to Texas I had quite the scare, I thought that my DH sold our VHS storage cabinet (with all of my VHS tapes) during his yard sale; you know the ones you cherish like the birth of your children and all of their birthday parties. I was devastated! Well, as luck would have it, he did not sell the tapes; he had packed them in a box. That episode made me realized how important these tapes (memories) are and I decided that I needed to convert  them to DVD’s, now I can.

I must say that an even better Mother’s Day gift will arrive on Saturday. My youngest son is returning from college for the summer….Yahoo!

Many thanks for stopping by, I truly enjoy reading your comments!

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Anna van Schurman said...

WOW! Really I can't say anything else. Four days! It looks great. And it is the right one. :)

Deb said...

I think that quilt is wonderful. It really does live up to it's name!!!

And I love your ornament too. I'm sure that Carol just loved it!

Kathy said...

You are awesome!!!! Beautiful quilt. I hope the recipient is worth all your hard work and will appreciate what you did for him.

Nice ornament. Great job. I think I had seen it on Carol's blog and she really liked it.

Brigitte said...

Wow, Marie. It's incredible what you were accomplishing in just four days. This quilt is so so beautiful. Congratulations! I love the pattern very much so I went immediately to their site. Great quilt with so many colour options.
I love the ornament you made for Carol.

Paula C. said...

My goodness! That quilt top is absolutely beautiful! The ornament you made for Carol is beautiful too =)

Alice said...

You did a great job on that quilt, your graduate is going to love it. What a nice keepsake!

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness. That quilt top is stunning. Just beautiful. This will be something to treasure for years to come.

Your ornament is also fabulous. Beautiful work.

Missy Ann said...

Do not bring that quilt to group. I WILL drool all over it. Congrats on a gorgeous finish.

Jennifer said...

Pardon me while I scoop my jaw up off the floor over that quilt. Woman, I bow to your amazing skills.

Julie said...

Oh Marie! The quilt is beautiful! I wish I could see, touch it in person!
The ornament is beautiful too. I love those patterns and may some day stitch them. Oh what I wouldn't give for more hours to craft. Enjoy your trip.